• 30 Sep. - 2 Oct. 2023
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The multi-conference Logistics Conferences could not be absent from the unique exhibition "Supply Chain & Logistics" and the "Cargo Truck & Van Expo". With the experience of strategic partners, the undertaking of initiatives by the organizing company O.MIND CREATIVES for initial researches, studies on issues that concern the experts of the wider supply chain, the cognitive event will be present again.

Multiple topics, discussion and talk panels, research, innovative case studies, but also announcements for new corporate practices, will once again have their place of honor at LOGI.C 2021, highlighting the needs, concerns and challenges of the market, in an event that has been steadily uniting the whole industry for fifteen years. The topics of the workshops will be announced in the spring of 2021 and will address important issues of transport and logistics around the international community, infrastructure and transport networks.

Also, topics that focus on new technologies 4.0, material handling & automation solutions, Green Logistics and electrification, will be some of the themes of the workshops.

Possibility of Sponsorship and Promotion!

Special sponsorship packages will be available for exhibitors who want to participate and present their brands, products and services through the LOGI.C 2021 conference events.