• 2-3-4 OCTOBER 2021
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The advertising promotion of the Fair in Greece and abroad

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Through a dynamic advertising promotion, the “Supply Chain & Logistics - Cargo Truck & Van Expo 2019” Fair will carry a powerful message to the vast market it targets.


The aim is to energize and invite every small or large Greek business to the Fair so that they can find solutions through the better organization of their supply chain, the modernization of their warehouse, transport and delivery methods. With extrovert orientation, o.mind Creatives, the organizing company, consolidates collaborations with major Logistics periodicals in Europe and south-eastern Mediterranean in order to transmit the message and invitation to the Fair beyond the Greek borders as well.


Furthermore, on 4-7 June 2019 we will participate (by means of anexhibition stand) in “transport logistic”, the largest fair on transport and logistics organized in Munich, Germany.



o.mind Creatives has planned the following promotional activities:


• Television promotion through commercial spots in channels of countrywide range in Greece

• More than 1,000 TV spots

• Radio promotion through advertising spots in high-rating radio stations throughout the country

• Outdoor promotion in main roads

• Classified advertising and Press releases in newspapers and sectoral periodicals in Greece and abroad

• Promotion through the Internet, information newsletters and the social media

• Promotion through the “Supply Chain & Logistics” magazine

• Promotion through www.supply-chain.gr and the weekly Supply Chain News newsletter

• Promotion of the Fair through the participation of the organizing company in other sectoral fairs and conferences both in Greece and abroad

• Mailing and distribution of 200,000 invitations in Greece and abroad



>> Advertising spending for the Fair will increase by 100% compared to that for 2017